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9 Benefits Why Every Scholar Should Have a Student Tablet for Coursework and Research

9 Benefits Why Every Student Should Have a Tablet for Coursework and Research

Benefits of Using a Student Tablet in the Classroom

Use of tablets today is interfering with the way of learning in traditional schools. For students, using a student tablet has no harm but is good. Forget those days of loading bags with books; it’s now digital era.

Technology storms the education field at a high rate. It started from learning on blackboards to whiteboards. In our time we dreamt about solving sums using desktop computers, write and draw. The following generation figured out the good of using laptops in class to desktop computers. Very interesting. Currently, we are in the digital era, the era of the tablet. A small device but very effective and interact vehicle of technology.

Tablet is not expensive in education terms; it cultivates training by use of an inductive touch screen and easy controls. There many importance of using electronic gadgets in learning.

Best Student tablet for classwork

Ever retrogressive educators are perturbed with the tablet being a major restrictive. Some argue that this device is not only sophisticated but also functional appliance reforming modern instruction landscape. Google play is the neck; like in Apple’s App Store, it contains more than 15,000 educational apps. There are a lot of learning material for everyone of all ages and different knowledge domain as much as the app environs provide.

There are many benefits that a student can enjoy by using a student tablet. It’s hard to magnify the merits of using a student tablet in the class. In this article, I will list some of the benefits of a student tablet use that presently really compass different institutions and manner of teaching.


1) Simple to use

Use of a student tablet is easy to use than laptops and desktop computers, and even paper books. It is true, my friends who are preoccupied with the technology can attest to that; it’s truly intuitive and simple. In this era, textbooks seem to be done away with.

2) Direct communication

Tablets are also used as communication media. Students, teachers, and parents can communicate by use of the tablet. Use of this device has enabled record keeping for future reference thus avoiding forgetfulness which was a factor before. Nowadays, feedback is well managed be it a critics, concern, or even kudos. No more issues of lost notes or tasks as compared to handwritten ones which can be lost in no time.

3) Live knowledge base

A tutor can engage materials to the learners in no time in just a couple of clicks. Students can also access recommended materials to do their assignments. Using a student tablet, students can comfortable access tremendous knowledge required to do their research which is readily available at their hands, tablet gadget.

4) Individual approach

Tutors employ many different ways of teaching. Students also are different; they are not all the same. They differ in learning pace, as well as interest. In this case, as an instructor, there is need to go to every student’s level. For instance, slow runners you must take them slow not as sprinters. Thanks to technology, e-Learning armory can be applied by teachers to overcome such a barrier and offer same knowledge in various manners.

5) Less costly than textbooks

Compared to textbooks, a student tablet is less costly since it saves on energy required to carry a bag full of books of different subjects. Don’t forget the price of all those textbooks, use of a student tablet saves on that since it carries all material of different subjects.

6) Quicker reporting

Use of tablet has enabled faster-visualized reports. Students can now document their reports right away. They can take pictures for documentation by using tablets. Also, they can find their way out by the use of Google map found in their tablets if maybe they lost their way. They can also compile and analyze the results of their finding using special features on the tablet.

7) Improving computer skills

Currently, computers are taking over the world. Computer illiterate soon will not have their place. Tablets allow boasting one’s computer skills. Students can draw or compose music on tablets thus becoming a creative force.

8) Hassle- free assessment

Teachers can also smile. Technology has simplified their work. Assignments can be sent to the teacher via email quickly. Technology has as well provided tools of grading students work thus saving more time for teaching rather than taking much time going through student’s work.

9) Paperless Homework

Tablets have done away with paperwork. In colleges today, soft copy materials are used mostly than hard copy materials. It has also helped in ensuring cleanliness of the environment since paper dumping is minimized. Assignments also are sent via email to students.


Well, nothing is perfect as they say. Use of tablets has its cons as well.

a. Unnecessary distraction

One can be tempted to look for other things which non-academic while in class like going to the gallery. The student can also start googling other things since they can easily access them right from their hands.

b. Technical limitations

Tablet for it to work it uses a battery. It goes off if its battery is out of charge while it’s in use. Tablets also cannot allow many files and windows opened at the same time since it can’t multitask if it’s necessary for the lesson.

c. Budgetary considerations

Tablets are costly to acquire. Not only acquiring is expensive but also maintaining. It requires being charged on a regular basis which needs electricity. Electricity is also expensive.

d. Training and adaptability

It takes time for one to adapt to a new way of life. Teachers also take time for them to adapt to change their way of teaching to this new method of using tablets to teach. Some may be unwilling due to lack of training, but with time they get used to it.

In my view, though there are disadvantages they can’t surpass the merits of tablets. All that is required is taking time and having the determination to unfold to new technology.


Students benefit from the use of tablets as it prepares them for the future workplace. It gives them confidence and creative tools than those who don’t use tablets.
It is also crucial to define main stakeholders and ultimate goals when making mind to absorb tablets into your curriculum.


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