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Best Himalayan Salt Lamp to Decorate your Home Review
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Best Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp to Decorate your Living Room

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp to Decorate your Living Room

The WBM Himalayan salt lamp is hand carved and made from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. When not lit, the rough and irregular surface of the Himalayan salt lamp crystal looks pink. When you lit its bulb, it produces a warm amber glow. One thing that I like about the Himalayan salt lamp is that you can make it produce a different hue in your room or lighting location by changing the color of the bulb.  So how can you optimize this feature?

Himalayan salt lamp image

There are many ways that you can make use of this feature to decorate your home. Many buyers who purchase the Himalayan salt lamp like to use it to create a romantic mood. You can also place it in your living room, office, or in your master washing area. Other places that the Himalayan salt lamp is commonly used include in the bedrooms, hotel and restaurant, therapy and meditation rooms, children’s rooms, and convalescence.

Himalayan salt lamp image

The Neem wood base of the Himalayan salt lamp also gives it a natural touch, which enhances the beauty of your home. In addition, the genuine Neem wood base of the Himalayan salt lamp is known for its durability due to its termite free property. The Neem tree one of India’s most versatile plants. In Asia, the Neem tree is highly valued because of its numerous uses and medicinal uses. Apart from becoming another option for furniture manufacturers, Neem tree has attracted attention in the U.S as another option for botanical insecticide. Due to its pest repelling aromatic feature of the Neem wood base, you are guaranteed you a long lasting Himalayan salt lamp in your home.

Health benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp in a spaHave you ever gone to a massage parlor and the warm, soothing orange hue gave you relaxing and therapeutic feeling? That was the effect of the Himalayan salt lamp that is also popularly used in spa and massage parlors. The Himalayan salt lamp is an effective air purifier just the waterfalls, mountains, beaches, or forests, which are more efficient producers of negative ions. Am sure right now you are asking yourself “How does a crystal purify the air?” Let me explain it to you how you will benefit from air purification in your home using the Himalayan salt lamp.

When you lit the Himalayan natural crystal lamp, it produces negative ions that eliminate the positive ions present in your home or workstation. The positive ions are the main reason why you always feel tired, sluggish, and stuffy especially if you work at home or spend many hours behind a computer.

Although many of us are not aware, Ions are always around us. There is a high probability that the tiredness you are feeling right now is as a result of the positive ions. The Negative Ionizers provides a good description about the positive and negative ions. You can also read more about the benefits of negative ions and how they positively affect your health by following this link

There are testimonies from people who had asthma confirming to not expressing respiratory problems caused by asthma after they started using the Himalayan salt lamp in their homes. According to the manufacturer, the Himalayan salt lamp naturally removes air allergens like pollens, smoke, pet dander, and other air contaminants that can affect your health.

Other health benefits that have been linked to the use of the Himalayan salt lamp include enhancing serotonin in the blood, minimizes vulnerability to colds and flu, headache relief, enhances the immune system, and as earlier mentioned, use of Himalayan salt lamp reduces the severity of asthma attacks. Scientific studies on the health benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp strongly support the claims. To make the greatest use of this health benefit, you can keep the Himalayan salt lamp lit throughout the day for as long as you want to optimize on its air purifying effect.

How to change the Himalayan salt lamp bulb

Just like any other lamp, you will need to change its bulb at one point. So how do you go about changing the lamp’s bulb? Let me take you through the eight simple steps of how to change the Himalayan salt lamp bulb.

How to change the bulb of a Himalayan salt lamp

  • Lay down the Himalayan salt lamp and take a look at its bottom
  • Pull the bulb assembly out carefully as indicated by the arrow
  • Press both hands of the spring and gently pull out the holder
  • Rotate the bulb in an anticlockwise direction and then pull it out
  • Do not insert any instrument in the holder
  • Take your new bulb and insert it into the holder by twisting it in a clockwise direction until it stops rotating any further
  • Press the two hand of the spring to reinsert the lamp’s bulb assembly inside the Himalayan salt lamp
  • Put the Himalayan salt lamp back to its upright position

Features of the Himalayan salt lamp

Part Number 1002
Item Weight 7.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 5 x 5 x 9 inches
Item model number 1002
Size 8-9 Inch
Color Orange
Style Natural
Material Crystal, Wood
Power Source corded-electric
Voltage 120 volts
Wattage 15.00
Item Package Quantity 1
Type of Bulb Bulb
Special Features natural ionizer, organic, therapeutic, natural, salt-lamp, natural-lamp, Himalayan-lamp, red-salt-lamp, salt-rock, salt-candle, crystal-lamp, gift, Christmas-gift, Hanukkah-gift, birthday-gift, buy-salt-lamp
Included Components Wbm 1002 Hand Carved Himalayan Natural Crystal Lamp,

6 Ft Power Cord,

15 Watt Light Bulb,

Rotary Dimmer Switch

Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No
Warranty Description WBM LLC. Warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 30 days from the shipment date unless otherwise noted. WBM LLC. Will replace any item returned to us within the parameters of this policy and found to be defective. All returned warranty-issue merchandise must be properly packed for a safe return shipment and in original purchase condition with the original packaging, the original receipt/invoice/packing slip and an explanation of the item’s problem. WBM LLC. Will not refund, credit or cover shipping expenses for warranty item returns or warranty item replacements under any circumstances. WBM LLC. Is not liable for misuse of its products. This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, neglect, alteration, failure to follow instructions, shipping damage or damaged packaging. WBM LLC. Expressly disclaims all express warranties not stated herein and all implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.



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