Creative ways to Encourage Fitness Habits in Children

There are various ways that parents can help children develop good fitness habits. They can increase daily fitness activities by making various changes in their children’s daily routine. For example, they can teach children to walk or cycle instead of using the car to school, getting off a bus, train or tram earlier and walking the rest of the distance home.

Adults should limit the time children spend watching television and take breaks to play or move around. Parents can also schedule weekend play days where a child’s friends visit to play outdoor games such as kicking a ball, playing game of tag, throwing and catching a ball or skipping a rope.

parents can help children develop healthy fitness habits

Parents can help children develop healthy fitness habits by giving children fitness-oriented gifts such as hula-hoop or mini-trampoline, which encourage movement. In addition, parents can help children to develop good fitness habits by making domestic chores fun. Singing silly songs and making funny faces and movements with children when washing dishes or cleaning the house are some the ways to encourage fitness and making chores fun.

Finally, parents can help children develop healthy fitness habits by being role model of fitness such as following a structured fitness program. This will inspire and encourage children to do the same.

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