Losing Weight Using a Stationary Bike

Losing Weight Using a Stationary Bike

Calorie- burning aerobic workout enables one to lose weight and reach health weight. Burning more calories than what you consume, after some days, or weeks the body will draw on reserved fat for energy resulting to weight loss. A stationary bike affords favorable, gentle to vigorous aerobic workouts that enable one to attain their weight loss intent.


A healthy weight loss occurs slowly and steadily at a relative of about 1-2 lbs according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for every week. For you to lose pound weight, you will require to burn 3,500 calories more than what you consume over a period of days or weeks. If you want to burn 500 calories, you will lose 1 lb for a week. For you to lose 2 lbs, you will need to burn 1,000 calories more than you consume per day. Following a reduced- calorie diet and exercising on a stationary bike can assist you attain this caloric shortfall.

Calories Burned

Your weight, the length of the exercise and the degree of your endeavor during workout will determine the amount of calories to be burnt with a stationary bike exercise. The more you weigh, the quicker you will burn calories and vice versa. The longer and tough the workout is, the more calories you will burn. In one hour of biking, at most 10 mph, a 160 lb person can be able to burn 292 calories. Unlike a 200 lb person on the same workout can burn 365 calories and a 240 lb person burning 436 calories. Within an hour of using stationary bike at speeds more than 10 mph, a 154 lb person can afford to burn about 590 calories endowed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Types of Stationary bikes

Generally, stationary bike provide certain preset workout technique. For instance in manual mode, one can adjust the resistance of the pedals manually all the time during working-out to simulate hills while in preset modes, one can change pedals’ resistance accordingly depending on preset pattern.

Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bike is one of the types of stationary bike and it has the following characteristics.

  • In this type of stationary bike, you as a rider will sit comfortably into the bike frame.
  • The rider is in a natural reposed body position very comfortable. In this manner one cannot have body fatigue since it eliminates muscle soreness in the upper body.
  • The seat of this kind of stationary bike more comfortable just like office chair.


Recumbent bike are useful. In this article, some of the benefits are included below:

  • Recumbent bikes are painless on the lumbar spine, also known as lower back. This is because of how raider positions himself/ herself when sitting in the bike.
  • They are joints friendly as the raiders lower back is well supported by the bucket seat and the knees and ankles well protected from potential injuries bang.
  • A rider enjoys a larger seat when using recumbent bike.
  • Usually safer than upright bike as there is no standing up on the pedals.
  • Favors most people with neurological conditions for it is safe and offers low impact body workout.
  • Favors people affected by rheumatoid arthritis as it is of low impact resulting to reduced risk of pain and can also build strength.

Upright bike

This is another type of a stationary bike and it has the following features.

  • Like a traditional bicycle, the rider sits above frame of the bike.
  • It has smaller seats compared to recumbent bikes.


Upright bikes have its benefits too some are listed as follows;

  • It gives a more consistent workout than outdoor riding as it places the rider in the same body position.
  • It performs the abdominal muscles since the rider keeps the body upright.
  • Due to engagement of biceps, triceps, and shoulders in the upright position, there is more of an upper body arm exercise.
  • Requires minimal space in the room as it have smaller footprint.

Which stationary Bike Burns More Calories?

Each bike is has different advantages depending on one’s major goals. Everyone usually focuses in maximizing calories and weight loss. However, both bikes produce same calories and weight loss potentials. What matters is the effort one puts. The harder you exercise the more change you will experience. Note the benefits of all different types of stationary bikes before deciding which one to go for which best suit you and encourage you to work hard.

Note the following whether you use recumbent bike and upright bike types of stationary bike

  • Make sure the stationary bike is well positioned in that all the moving parts are given safe clearance.
  • Ensure that the room is adequate enough to mount and dismount the bike safely.
  • Before you start cycling, position the handlebar and seat height. Position yourself perfectly in the seat. Safe and effective workout is determined by proper positioning. When experiencing knee pain know that there is too much knee bend and when you feel back pains know that there is little knee bend.

For one to enjoy and stick for the long haul, needs to find workout a habit. For someone new to workout or one with knee, back and joint problem that result to cardiovascular exercise hard, one can opt for a stationary bike.

How to ride stationary bike to burn belly fats

Swirling legs on a stationary bike really enables one to lose extra belly bump compared to crunching of abs. Cardio mostly helps one lose visceral fat that are found in the deep belly gaining lean muscle. A consistent program for riding stationary bikes in intervals every week burns calories and results to fat burning thus getting slimmer.

Merits of Stationary Bike for Weight Loss and Toning

There are many benefits of using stationary bike including the following:.

  • It provides exercise that can be done while someone is reading, watching TV or even when listening to music.
  • Stationary bike cater for people of all ages and also fitness level. It benefits everyone even beginners.

Stationary Bike Interval Training

In order to hike the benefits of stationary bike weight loss, it is advised one to do interval training. To burn more calories one need to alternate pedaling intensity between low, medium and high pedaling intensity than working at a constant pace.

Toning Benefits of the Stationary Bikes

A stationary bike helps one tone muscles specifically those of the legs. Quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves are the main parts targeted during workout. One’s abdominal muscles are also worked upon.

Pros of using Stationary Bike

a). It is never affected by weather as it is kept inside.

b). There is no stress of safety factor. When cycling one don’t worry about poor terrain, fear of being knocked out by cars or punctures. And when tired one can just hop off the bike unlike when one is cycling outside and gets tired must continue biking until gets home.

c). They are cheaper compared to treadmills or elliptical.

d). There is no need of wearing helmet.

e). One can do interval workouts that reflect outdoor terrain though one is inside.

f). One can read a magazine or any material while still biking.

g). There is a readout which keeps track of one’s workout data including time, speed, distance and amount of calories burned.

Cons of the Stationary Bike

a). Stationary bike burns fewer calories as compared to treadmill since most weight is supported by the seat.  On stationary bike one can burn only 148 calories within 30 minutes compared to tread mill that burns 236 calories within the same time.

b). It does not provide same bone building benefit as one is sitting unlike high impact running.

c). It’s not ideal for race training as one will miss out training in extreme temps, wind resistance, blasting sun and uneven surfaces.

d). There is likelihood of cheating on a stationary bike than real bike as one can minimize resistance, avoid hills and peddle slowly.

e). It can be boring since the scene never changes as stationary bike are stationed inside unlike real bike one gets to see different things leading to workout for less time.

f). The readout on the stationary bike may not be accurate.



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