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Why the L.O.L Big Surprise Ball Baby Doll is the Perfect Gift for Your Kids

Just from the mention of its name, L.O.L big Surprise ball baby doll from MGA Entertainment offers a great surprise to young children. Children love the L.O.L Surprise dolls and it’s very easy to see why. When you buy the big L.O.L Surprise doll, you never know what the ball holds inside until you open the balls. The content inside the balls are unique, cute and fun. It is amazing how children find as much fun while unveiling the content of the L.O.L big Surprise ball doll as they do in playing with them.

What Makes the L.O.L Big Surprise Doll Popular

The L.O.L Surprise dolls have gained a lot of popularity, and come under a wide price range giving you a choice on which one to buy. The big L.O.L Surprise doll comes with a variety of unexpected content that kids discover as they unwrap the toys. The big L.O.L Surprise doll increases the fun through its layers of surprises that contain a secret message, collectible stickers, doll accessories such as doll outfit, doll shoes, water bottle, lastly the surprise doll itself.
The big L.O.L Surprise doll is like a big round kinder egg with a lot more going on. If you have never bought the L.O.L Surprise ball am sure right now you are thinking that it is just gimmick and it would not get the interest of your kid for long. You will be surprised how it actually creates a fever pitch excitement as your kid or children unwrap to unravel what is contained underneath the layers of the big L.O.L Surprise ball doll.

L.O.L big Surprise ball baby doll

So how does this unwrapping magic really get hold of kids’ excitement and hooks them to the L.O.L Surprise ball dolls? The big L.O.L Surprise ball doll contains different unexpected contents that kids unravel as they unwrap the layers of the L.O.L Surprise ball. The layers of plastic wrap the ball’s content. Kids find fun in peeling the layers one after the other and discovering the items inside.

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L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise

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With every peeled layer, an accessory that goes with the doll is unveiled until the last layer where your kid will unveil the doll. The fun in peeling the wrappings comes with the suspense of what the kid will find. This feeling is always refreshed with every L.O.L Surprise ball doll that a child unwraps.

  • Comes with numerous surprises inside the ball
  • Keeps your child busy for hours unveiling the surprise items
  • Cheaper than getting multiple smaller L.O.L Surprise ball dolls
  • Has the same doll in every ball
  • You cannot get more than one doll

Maybe you could be thinking whether to buy a single big L.O.L Surprise ball doll or a set. Based on the above disadvantage of the L.O.L Surprise ball dolls, we recommend that you don’t buy multiple L.O.L Surprise dolls of the same set because sets of the same L.O.L Surprise dolls contain the same surprise dolls. The sets differ with size ranging from two up to fifty dolls and their accessories.

Google News About the L.O.L big Surprise ball baby doll

The 'LOL Surprise! Big Surprise' is the hottest toy of 2017 — here's what it is and what's inside it

The 'LOL Surprise! Big Surprise' is the hottest toy of 2017 — here's what it is and what's inside it

November 15, 2017 - Business Insider

The second layer has 5 "fizz" balls with 15 items. Unwrapping each one reveals two stickers. Removing another layer exposes the fizz ball. Each dissolves in water to reveal a plastic charm. The final layer has 4 balls with 24 items total. The two...

LOL Surprise dolls: Keep unwrapping to find the toys

LOL Surprise dolls: Keep unwrapping to find the toys

February 19, 2018 - Newsday

There are seven layers to peel off the ball. On each layer there is a zipper you pull to peel it off. On the first layer, it will give you a paper with a hint of what personality the doll has. Once you know what the personality is, you peel the next...

LOL Surprise Confetti Pop And Pet Series Are In Stock At Amazon

LOL Surprise Confetti Pop And Pet Series Are In Stock At Amazon

February 10, 2018 - I4U News

MGA Entertainment has landed a viral toy hit with the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, making it the best-selling toy of 2018. The company kicks off 2018 with a new Surprise Big Surprise. The limited edition L.O.L. Surprise Pearl Surprise is hitting shelves and...

What set these dolls that come in the L.O.L big Surprise ball baby doll package apart from other collectible dolls is their distinct looks, mix and match doll accessories, and their many options of play. The functionality of the L.O.L big Surprise ball baby doll pod that contained the doll and its surprise items is something that sets the L.O.L Surprise dolls in their own league. The pod of L.O.L Surprise ball can be converted into a handbag or purse as it contains an attachable handle. Your child can also use it as the doll’s hangout area, or its bathtub which reminds me of the surprise features that comes with the L.O.L Surprise dolls.


Unboxing the L.O.L Surprise Ball doll

LOL Surprise Giant Ball - Big & Lil Sisters Baby Dolls 50 Surprises Blind Bags + Bath Fizz Charms

Let's unbox and see what is inside of the biggest LOL Surprise ball- its the Big Surprise ball with 50 surprises inside of the blind bags including big and lil sisters and bath fizz charms....

The L.O.L big Surprise ball baby doll is lives up to its L.O.L Surprise doll name. For example, some dolls change in color when submerged in water. Every doll also has its own style. Some L.O.L big Surprise ball baby doll would even have trendy mason jars or coffee cups. The water bottle can be used during play to feed the doll cold water. This is where the fun and bonus surprise feature comes! When it’s full, the L.O.L Surprise dolls either pees or spits it up. The water does get some distance so you should brace yourself to change your kid’s clothes should the doll decide to spit the water. Your kid could be also be lucky to get one of the special dolls that change color when given a bath in cold water.

As a safety precaution, most of the dolls are small although others are miniature. You should consider the age of your child before buying any L.O.L Surprise ball doll. We do not advice getting toys especially those that have small parts that can be swallowed to children below 3 years old. As such, we recommend following to the manufacturer’s age limit guideline for the L.O.L big Surprise ball baby doll.


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