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The Therapeutic Potential of Music as Medicine in Health and Wellbeing

The Therapeutic Potential of Music as Medicine in Health and Wellbeing

Music as Medicine for the Mind

Music passes across different messages including love and performs different functions that include bringing love among the people. Love songs create love or unity among different people since it carries love messages that attract bring the individuals together. Music as medicine for the mind soothes the listener and helps remove some of the stresses the individual is experiencing (Micozzi, 2008). This is so since the songs carry one’s thoughts and an individual might find joining the tune.

The universe would have been incomplete without music because the music is widely encouraged today by doctors as therapy to the victims of hypertension and stroke. Patients suffering from hypertension experience blurred brains and songs help the patients by keeping their brains active and busy. Music as medicine helps drug addicts to come out of it; the rehabilitation center uses this method to help keep the addicts busy. Inactiveness pushes most individuals to do drugs since they have nothing to occupy them, the doctors find it necessary to make the sick listen to music.

Music acts as a remedy for depressed people and has worked on several patients; the main reason as to why people become depressed is that they overwork their brains to the extent that the person begins to experience hallucinations (Weintraub, 2008). Patients listen to music that reduces their thinking rate and make the sick relax. Music acts as a cure to the people who have lost their speech for it composes their brains making them retain the initial health. Some music genres are too loud to be played for the sick; therefore, loud music makes the sick more depressed silent songs are preferred.


Music as a medicine also helps the doctors to heal the high blood pressure and helps in relaxation of the muscles thus lowering the rate of breathing (Mamtani, 2008). Since a person listens to music while performing the exercise, the music makes the individual concentrate forgetting about the exercise therefore the person feel less tired. Songs improves an individual’s temper because it helps a person change concentration consequently changing his mood.

As therapy, music also advances the job done by a group of people as it keeps them entertained and active enabling them to work for longer hours compared to the people working without music who look dull. The workers working while listening to music do not think more of the time they have sat down while the workers without music always find the work tiresome and boring. Music indeed is a medicine and a key to the mind since it captures attention of different people making them forget about their problems. Art brings about songs that heal the brains thus making it refreshed, not only songs soothe but people also find other forms of art interesting that include movies, pictures and drawings (Budzynski, 2008).


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