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8 Ways You Can Use to Prevent Dry Skin During Winter

8 Ways You Can Use to Prevent Dry Skin During Winter

8 Ways To Get Rid of Dry Skin During Winter

Dry skin during winter is uncomfortable condition accompanied by scaling, itching, and cracking. It can be caused by several reasons including taking a steamy shower, use of moisture-rubbing soaps, or certain medical conditions.

During chill wintertime air, it implies that humidity is very low, both people from within and outside and those in Northern Hemisphere may endure raw and itchy skin.  The water level of the epidermis reflects the level of humidity on its environs. Well, many things can be done to relieve dry skin in wintertime.

How to avoid dry skin during winter

Even though you reside in winter free air part of the world, at some point, you need to fight dry skin. The following tips for keeping soft and healthy can help all who are fighting dry skin.

Keeping the skin moist

Moisturizers that rehydrate the epidermal cells and seal in the moisture are initial steps in encountering dry skin. They contain three types of ingredients. The first one is humectants; it helps in attracting moisture, include ceramides, glycerin, sorbitol, hyaluronic acid, and lecithin. The second set of ingredients, for instance, petrolatum, mineral oil or silicon help in sealing that moisture within the skin. Lastly, emollients, such as linoleic, linolenic and lauric acids also surface the skin by replenishing the skin cells.

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Approximately, the thicker and creamy the moisturizer is, the more effective it is. The least expensive and effective ones are petroleum jelly and moisturizing oils. These moisturizers are best used while the skin is still moist to seal in the moisture. Some moisturizers have both water and oils in different proportions. These kinds of moisturizers are less greasy and may be more cosmetically nice compared to petrolatum or oils.

Ways to avoid dry skin during winter

Methods to combat dry skin

The following are some of the ways of combating dry skin which is effective if practiced regularly:

  1. Restrain yourself to more than 10 minutes or daily shower. It is because you may strip away much of the oily layer of the skin leading to loss of moisture. Lukewarm water is better than steamy water which can wash away natural oils of the skin.
  2. Minimize usage of soaps; if unavoidable, opt for moisturizing preparations. Such preparations may include Dove, Olay as well as Basis. Alternatively, go for soaps with no cleansers like Cetaphil. Avoid usage of alcoholic products since can strip away skin’s natural oils.
  3. Avoid fabrics that can irritate the skin such as wool.
  4. Never scratch. If the itching persists, use moisturizer to relax the itch.
  5. After from bath or washing your hands, employ moisturizer immediately. It helps filling spaces of your skin’s cells and seal in moisture before skin get dry.
  6. Ensure use humidifier in the winter. Set it a level that should be sufficient to refresh the epidermis.
  7. Use light touch cloth for bathing. Avoid use of scrub brushes, for the same reasons, don’t rub the skin when toweling dry in order not to damage the skin.
  8. Avoid fabric softeners.

Dry skin is normally not a serious health problem, but it can result in serious complications, such as red patches known as chronic eczema or bleeding from fissures that have become deep enough capillaries in the dermis, redness, swelling, and pus.

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You can consult a psychologist if you notice any of the symptoms also if the ways you have learned bear no fruits. Your psychologist may prescribe a cream containing lactic acid, urea, or corticosteroids. He or she may also want to avert medical plight that can cause dry skin, including hypothyroidism, diabetes, lymphoma, kidney disease, liver disease, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Recommendable use sunscreen- even in the winter to protect your skin.



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