Top 5 Tools for writing Quality Content

As a blogger, content whether presentation, infographics, or blog posts is the heart of your niche site. The success of your blog depends on the quality of your content. While marketing can not make up for poor content, quality content can make up for inadequate marketing. The following top 5 tools for writing quality content can help you improve content in your blog.



My all time favorite grammar checker. Grammarly ensures that what you write is free of grammar mistakes and easy to read. It can check up to 250 elements of grammar in your content. It identifies poor word choices, poor phrasing, and grammatical mistakes like punctuation, contextual spelling errors, and sentence structure. You can use Grammarly as a browser extension, online tool, or MS-Word plugin. It is available both as a free tool and premium plans. Premium plans comprise of a monthly subscription, quarterly subscription, and annual subscription.



This tool assists you to easily create and manage through its easy-to-use drag and drop feature of content marketing calendar. This tool can also plug directly into WordPress. You can use CoSchedule to collaborate with writers, editors, and designers. After creating your content, you can use CoSchedule to share it across social media automatically. Through its efficient collaboration and smart marketing plans, CoSchedule saves you a lot of time in addition to growing your audience. The best part about the tool is that, you to directly schedule your social messages through CoSchedule, or send them to your Buffer account. Pricing for solo calendar/bloggers starts at $15/month while that for team calendar/bloggers start at $60/month.

Headline Analyzer


In any content, the heading is the most important element of an article. A person decides whether he or she will open your article and read it depending on the headline. CoSchedule’s  Headline Analyzer checks the overall structure, readability, and grammar of your headline and gives it a score. Before publishing your content, use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to gauge its score of attracting visitors to your site.

Hemmingway App


This tool helps you improve your writing style and readability by flagging five major writing problems:

  • Hard to read sentences (Yellow)
  • Very hard to read sentences (pink)
  • Adverbs (blue)
  • Complex phrases or words (purple)
  • Passive voice (green)

Also, Hemmingway App also provides quick counts like:

  • Number of words
  • Number of characters
  • Number of paragraphs
  • Number of sentences

Try Hemmingway App as your text editor, and you will be surprised by the improvement of writing quality in your content. Hemmingway App is available as a free plan on the web, and Hemmingway Editor desktop app that retails for $19.99.



Visual is a powerful element in content marketing. Canva is an online tool that can help you design attractive original graphics for your blog post and social media platforms. Canva also provides free video training courses to help you develop better infographics. Canva is available as a free plan and premium plan starting at $12.95.