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Buyer Guide to Choosing the Best Age and Learning Appropriate Toys for your Child

Importance of Play to Young Children

Engaging in play helps young children to learn about themselves and develop an understanding of the surrounding social and physical environment. Play also helps children to figure out how different things in the environment work. By learning how to associate and relate with others during play, children also learn to appreciate diversity. Pretend play helps children to stimulate and enhance their imagination and creativity.

Children also learn how to develop decision-making and problem solving skills. By engaging in play, a child develops and integrates important developmental skills such as social, language, physical, imaginative, and cognitive skills. Getting involved in group play helps children to develop self-direction, self-esteem, and pro-social values.

Children also get an opportunity to practice social skills like cooperation, negotiation, and sharing that they have learned through play. Play enables children to develop their curiosity of their worlds and increase their attention span. Lastly, by helping children to utilize their energy, play gives them the important and required “down time,” which also functions as a reliever of stress.

So how do you choose which toys are right for your child? This guide will give you ideas on how you can choose the best age appropriate toys that will grow with your kid, offer learning challenge, and nurture your child’s physical, social-emotional skills, thinking, and communication skills.


Children are little explorers who learn new things by doing. Play offers a child a good opportunity to practice and develop new skills at his or her own speed by pursuing her unique interests. The playthings and toys that you give to your child can significantly influence and shape the child’s development in important ways.


Am sure you will agree with me that although buying toys for kids seems easy considering the thousands of toys available in the market, the only thing that is easy is getting overwhelmed with not knowing which toy to choose.


As you may have noticed, there is a wide array of toys that have been developed for children. From these toys how do you as a parent choose which toys are right for your child? How do you know which are high quality? Which will last and grow with your child? And Which toys will best engage the interest of your child for a long time?

Frequently Asked Question:

Most of such toys that are claimed to make your child smarter through advertisement and promotional packaging material have not been proven to increase a child’s intelligence by using them.

A toy that makes your child to just sit and watch it perform is more likely an entertainment toy than educational. The more a toy does, the less actions a child performs. A useful and learning focused toy is one that requires most actions from the part of the child.

The more your child uses his or her mind and body to make a toy work or use it to perform something, the more the child learns. As such, you need to choose for your child to help them learn while having fun during play.

Our guide for choosing toys will help you to know what factors to consider before buying any for your child.

Our toys buying guide is the perfect blueprint filled with various toys suggestions that you can use and find the best toys,  games, or play accessories for different occasions be it birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, or just a gift for your family.   


The development of this toy buying guide was informed by extensive research on buyer behavior and feedback from parents on their personal preferences and experience.  A lot of effort and time was put on this guide to give you as a parent idea for choosing the best age, learning appropriate and fun toys for your kid or child.


Our idea of the best toys for kids include those that grow with a child, challenge and nurture the child’s overall development which includes physical, social-emotional skills, thinking, and language.


Am sure you will agree with me that figuring out which toy to buy for your kid is one of the most difficult things that you face as a parent. If you are not a first time parent you will also agree with me that children are unique from each other and have different tastes and interests in relation to playtime toys.


So how do you find that toy that your child will fall in love from the first day and for a very long time?


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Toy for your Child

When it comes to buying your child toys and games, there are various things that you need to put into considerations. Although this buyer guide follows an age appropriate approach, you need to consider the following before buying a toy for your child:


  1. Is the toy age appropriate as recommended by the manufacturer
  2. Is the description and how to use the toy easy to understand and follow
  3. Doe the toy promote cognitive development and creativity in your child
  4. Will the toy support healthy play and enhance fun during play
  5. Is the toy durable to outlast your child


A winner toy should answer “Yes” to all of the above questions.

Get the best boys’ toys ideas from our amazing selection of toys. Our selection include the best toys and games featuring the latest action figures, building toys, , sports and outdoor toys, arts and crafts toys, among others. We also help you find toys for your kid’s favorite characters like Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Captain America, Black Panther, Spider-man and many more. 

Boys' Toys

The most important toys that you will buy for your child are the very first toys. That being said, it is important that you don’t just buy toys, but buy age appropriate toys for your child. Below, we have compiled the best early childhood development and age appropriate toys recommendation for children from birth to 6 months.

The toys that you buy for your newborn child should be those that can be secured on the baby’s crib. You can also include mobile toys with interesting shapes and colors in the crib, but make sure that they are out of reach of the infant. Music toys also make fine toys for infants. However, before buying such toys, make sure that they are adult operated.

At this time, the child has started reaching for and grasping for object. Some of the toys that you can get for your child includes squeeze and rattles toys. You can also introduce a toy that you child can grab and move around. However, ensure that the safety of your child is not compromised.


We have selected and put together the best toys for girls that would bring the ultimate fun to indoor and outdoor play for your daughter. Find the best toys for your daughter’s favorite character like Barbie, Disney Princess, Doc McStuffins, Dora the explorer among others. Find out more here.

As a parent, you should start introducing to your child toys with interesting shapes, colors, and sounds. Some toys ideas that you can consider include:

  1. Crib mobiles
  2. Baby rattles
  3. Activity bars fitted with plush or plastic toys
  4. Stuffed animals and dolls
  5. Colorful teething rings
  6. Squeaky rubber toys
  7. Manipulating toys like blocks or soft plastic play balls

Your child has started to develop his or her motor skills such as crawling, sitting up, and learning to stand and walk unassisted by this time. During this time, your child’s play has become more vigorous. The child also has become aware of the objects of the surrounding objects. The child will also miss a favorite toy if they cannot see it and will always look around for it.

Some of the toys that you can introduce to your child include:

  1. Push toys like baby walker
  2. Colored beads secured on rings
  3. Toy telephone
  4. Shape sorters
  5. Plastic play balls
  6. Pail and shovel
  7. Building blocks
  8. Ride-ons
  9. Interlocking plastic
  10. Stuffed animals and soft dolls

Our preschool toys feature a collection of the best toys for pretend play, building toys, arts and crafts toys, learning and educational toys, play vehicles and many more for your preschool child. Find the best and top-rated preschool toys from top brands like Melissa & Doug, VTech, Fisher-Price, and LeapFrog.

How to Choose Toys for Toddlers that will be used in Various Ways

If your child is in the toddler stage, you know that he or she loves to takes things apart, try to put them back, pull out, put in, add on top of others, or build up things.


Am sure you get frustrated every time your kid spoils a toy you just bought within a few days! So how do you prevent or limit this? You need to buy “open-ended toys”. What are open-ended toys? These are toys that your child can use to play many different games with. 


For example, plastic interlocking blocks can be used to make play spaceship, bridge, or houses. Such open-ended toys will help to develop your child’s thinking and creativity.

Examples of toys:


STEM toys encourage children to develop important skills in core educational disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We have selected the best STEM toys that would give your child the best foundation for future success in STEM fields like computer science, robotics, and natural sciences.

Toys that Will Also Grow With your Kid

Have you ever bought a toy for a child and your kid only played with it for just a few days then left it while it was still new? This is a common experience for many parents. The good thing is that you can avoid such an experience by choosing for your child toys that are still fun to lay with at different developmental stages.


For example, a young toddler will find small plastic toy animals as fun because they can make a shoebox house for the toys. An older toddler will still find the small plastic toy animal as fun because the toys can still be use to act out an imaginative story the toddler makes up.

Examples of toys:

Toys that Fosters Problems-solving Skills and Exploration

During play, toys help children to perfect new skills by practicing the learned skills over and over again. Using toys, a child gets an opportunity to learn something on their own or with the help and coaching of the parent.  This not only helps them to develop their logical thinking skills, but also help to become persistent problem-solvers.

Exploration toys will also help your child to develop spatial relations skills that is how things fit together, fine motor skills by using the small muscles in the fingers and hands, and eyes-hands coordination.

Examples of toys:

Discover the best early childhood developmental toy to support your child’s developmental milestones. Our selection of developmental toys aid the developmental stages, and support development of physical and cognitive skills by allowing children to utilize their creativity and imagination, physical and motor skills.

Developmental Toys

Toys that will Enhance Your Child’s Imagination

When a child’s reaches the third year, his creativity is really taking off. By this time the child can imaginatively take the role of another person for example a superhero and imagine that something like a block is a fast car or plane.


Such pretend play helps a child to develop ability to sequence (put events in a logical order), build literacy skills, and problem-solving skills.


It is important that you choose toys that the child can use during his imagination play to act out his imagination.

Toys to help Children get ready to Read and Write

Examples of toys:

These toys help a child to build early reading and writing skills. 

Resource Center

Our resource center area contains child development and parenting articles and resources covering a wide range of topics for parents such as you. We aim to help you become the best possible parent you can be by providing you with the resources, education, support, and everything related to play and early child care and development you need to build a healthy family.

Toys that Encourage Physical Activity for Children

During play, one thing that children love doing is engaging themselves in all kinds of physical tricks. Am sure you have been amazed where the little one get this energy from! Well, children are more energetic and confident with their bodies.


 As a parent, your responsibility is to be an appreciative audience for your child’s playground achievement. You need to find toys that will assist your kid to practice the current physical skills while at the same time help the child to develop new skills.

Examples of toys:

Toys that Support Cross-generational Play

Finding toys designed for adult participation is a good idea to build a stronger bond with your little ones. Early board games that do not involve reading can be fun for everyone in the family to play. Cross-generational games are also perfect for family game nights.


These games also help the young ones to develop their matching, counting, and memory skills as they learn to follow game rules.


Another benefit that these games provide is teaching the young ones to be gracious winners and how to cope with losing.

Importance of Group Play

So what is the value or importance of group play?


Although solitary play is important and fun to a child, it s through group play that a child best learns how to associate and relate with others, and develop important decision-making and problem-solving skills.


Through group play, a child experiences thought processes, and the give-and-take of compromising, which builds their social skills.


As such, group play functions as a real-life learning platform and prepares the young ones for the daily social experiences of relating with other people.


Many parents feel that it is important to have structured activities to balance a child’s free time. While it is true structured activities are an important part of early childhood development, it is important that you provide your child with: enough playing time, a safe and health play environment, and people to play with the child.


It is important that you provide your child with appropriate toys that reflect nurturing and love of your family. Toys and play enable children to express the emotions they see at home whether it’s a play house with a pretend family, or a farmer taking care of his farm animals, which enhances a child’s imagination and social skills.

A safe and health play environment such as a neighborhood playground or backyard is perfect for physical and active outdoor play. Running around with your child who is learning how to ride a tricycle or skates also provides both of you with a great opportunity to exercise.

By ensuring that your child has enough time to engage in play, you are not only making sure that he or she enjoys all the benefits of play, but ensuring that the child has time to be exactly … a child.

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